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Eleven Madison Park, one of the world’s best restaurants, goes vegan

The three-Michelin-starred New York restaurant will be entirely plant-based when it reopens next month, he announced on Monday – becoming one of the hottest restaurants to do so.

“I am delighted to share that we have made the decision to serve a plant-based menu in which we do not use any animal products – each dish is made from vegetables, both soil and the sea, as well as fruits, pulses, mushrooms, grains and much more, ”wrote chef and owner Daniel Humm in a statement on the restaurant’s website.
The move reflects a growing trend in the food industry, as more institutions transition to more sustainable food ingredients and practices. Epicurious, a well-known online food publication, announced last week that it will no longer be releasing new recipes that feature beef, claiming that beef production creates large amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and therefore has an impact on climate change.
As more and more plant-based options have appeared on menus across the country, the days when vegetarianism or veganism were fringe diets are gone. Humm has previously said he believes the future of restaurants is vegan.
In an interview with NPR’s “How I Built This,” Humm said the way people eat meat is “unsustainable,” similar to the reasons Epicurious gave.

And while in his statement Humm said he recognized the risk of making such a decision, he also said he believed it was worth it.

“It’s time to redefine luxury as an experience that serves a higher purpose and maintains a true connection to the community,” he wrote on the restaurant’s website. “A restaurant experience is not just about what’s on the plate. We’re excited to share the incredible possibilities of plant-based cooking while deepening our connection to our homes: both our city and our planet.

Eleven Madison Park is scheduled to open on June 10 for meals.


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