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Eleven Madison Park Goes Meatless

Highly regarded Manhattan restaurant Eleven Madison Park said Monday it will no longer serve meat or seafood when it reopens next month, becoming one of the hottest restaurants to move to a menu. herbal due to environmental concerns.

Daniel Humm, the chef and owner, said in a statement on the restaurant’s website: “It was clear that after all that we have all been through this year, we couldn’t open the same restaurant.

Mr Humm said the coronavirus pandemic, which has resulted in closings and layoffs, has forced the restaurant’s executives to rethink its future. “We have always operated with sensitivity to the impact we have on our environment,” he said, “but it was becoming increasingly clear that the current food system is just not sustainable, well. regards.

Mr Humm said the kitchen has spent its days developing new dishes and substitutes for meat and dairy products, such as plant-based milks, butter and creams, tasty vegetable broths and broths and fermented foods.

“What at first seemed limiting has started to feel liberating, and we’re only scratching the surface,” he said. “All of this gave us the confidence to reinvent what gastronomy can be.”

The restaurant’s decision to reinvent its menu, reported by the Wall Street Journal on Monday, is potentially a risk for the Michelin-starred restaurant, which was known for dishes like lavender honey glazed duck, lobster and Hawaiian shrimp roulade. .

But the move comes as leading restaurants and publications have turned to plant-based recipes, sometimes to critical applause. The Michelin Guide has awarded stars to restaurants in the United States and Germany that offer mixed vegetarian and vegan menus, but there are still relatively few. In January, the Michelin Guide awarded its first star to an entirely vegan establishment in France, ONA, a restaurant near Bordeaux.

Eleven Madison Park received four New York Times stars, three Michelin stars, and first place on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in 2017.

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