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Elections 2023, live: dates, candidates, polls, results and all the details minute by minute

Hugo Yasky: “If it’s not Cristina Kirchner, it’s Wado de Pedro”

Hugo Yasky nominated Wado De Pedro as a candidate for President, if Cristina Kirchner (Gustavo Gavotti) does not run

He Secretary General of the CTA-T and national deputy of the Frente de Todos, Hugo Yasky, made reference to the inmate of the ruling coalition, before the resignation of Cristina Kirchner to the candidacy for president. “If it’s not Christina, Peter’s Wado It is a good option to be a national candidate,” said the leader in dialogue with AM 750.

“We were talking to Peter’s Wado about the act of 25 and what it means in a context pending definitions. We also talked about the role it will have Cristina Kirchner. Its centrality is not disputed”, revealed yasky.

And he concluded on the subject: “On Thursday we are going to have the best Cristina Kirchner talking to colleagues. The popular mobilization is extremely important: for Thursday and for what is to come”.

Controversy in Santa Fe over the youth vote: who benefits and the obstacles to applying it at the provincial level

It is the only district in the country where those who are 16 and 17 years old can elect president, but not vote for governor. A decision of the Electoral Tribunal enabled their inclusion this year, but has now been challenged

Elections 2023, live: dates, candidates, polls, results and all the details minute by minute
A young man voting in the 2021 legislative elections. Santa Fe is the only province that did not enable suffrage for 16 and 17-year-olds (Télam)

Who do they vote for? 16 and 17 year olds? The question settled in Santa Fe as a result of an unusual last-minute judicial wrestling to see if some 82,400 minors under the age of 18 can be included in the electoral roll of the province, who until now could not participate in the elections for elect governorprovincial deputies and senators, mayors, councilors and commune presidents, although they are empowered to vote president and vice and national deputies.

Kicillof’s right-hand man affirmed that “if Cristina asks him to,” the governor will be a candidate for president

Carlos Bianco, head of advisors for the province of Buenos Aires, admitted that the Buenos Aires president could compete for the Casa Rosada if the Vice President so decides

Elections 2023, live: dates, candidates, polls, results and all the details minute by minute
The Buenos Aires chief of advisers confirmed that it is Vice President Cristina Kirchner who will have the last word on the electoral future of the governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof

The chief adviser of the Buenos Aires province, carlos whiteGovernor’s Kidney Man Axel Kicillofaffirmed directly that the person in charge of defining the electoral strategy of the space is the vice president Cristina Kirchnerso that if she considers that the current provincial president should compete for the presidency instead of seeking his re-election in Buenos Aires, it will be an accepted decision.

José Luis Espert will meet with the PRO and is getting closer to joining Together for Change

The leader of Avanza Libertad will see the party leadership headed by Federico Angelini next week. His entry into JxC was virtually frozen after he posted a controversial tweet against Mauricio Macri

Elections 2023, live: dates, candidates, polls, results and all the details minute by minute
Jose Luis Espert, closer and closer to joining Together for Change

It is what is missing for him to join Together for Change: Jose Luis Espert will finally meet next week with the leadership of the PRO, headed by Federico Angelini, to talk about the details of his income to the opposition coalition. Specifically, the party founded by Mauricio Macri wants to hear from the mouth of the liberal referent where in wants to compete in the elections.

The power of Cristina and Máximo Kirchner in the Buenos Aires PJ: the bid with Kicillof and the role of Wado de Pedro

The Vice President will speak on Thursday in front of a crowded Plaza de Mayo and sends internal signals. Do you keep a letter? The last movements of the leader of the PJ Buenos Aires

Elections 2023, live: dates, candidates, polls, results and all the details minute by minute
Cristina Kirchner once again stands as the top strategist of the Kirchnerist PJ, and her son Máximo as the main delegate of that power

In 2015, when a large part of Peronism and the red circle discounted that it would look for a bench – Parlasur was mentioned – to take refuge in parliamentary privileges, Cristina Kirchner he preferred to take shelter. Four years later, she surprised one morning in May 2019 with a video that he posted on his networks in which he announced Alberto Fernández as the presidential candidate of the Frente de Todos, a decision that only a very small group of intimates knew about. She had already achieved the same effect with the publication of the book “Sincerely”. Almost a decade ago, she had sealed the Kirchner family definitions by nominating Amado Boudou as her vice president for the 2011 campaign.

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