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Elections 2021: what solutions to the failure of assessors?  – Regional Elections

    The problem is recurrent in every election. And the daily calls for volunteers do nothing. There is still a lack of assessors in many Breton municipalities (around fifteen in Concarneau and in Dinan, around 20 in Pontivy, Pont-L’Abbé or even in Douarnenez, around 40 in Quimper and Lannion, 70 in Saint-Brieuc, 80 in Quimperlé). The causes are known : increased needs due to the double ballot, approaching school holidays, drop in the number of activists in political parties, health fears. Faced with this puzzle, mayors are not, however, helpless.

  • 1 Call on members of the municipal council
  • The mayor can call on municipal councilors. Unless there is a valid excuse, the latter cannot refuse, under penalty of being declared resigning by the administrative court.

  • 2 Solicit municipal officials
  • By applying the theory of exceptional circumstances, the Constitutional Council authorizes the mayor to call on municipal staff. The latter will then be remunerated. Some municipalities have also decided to hire students for this election, by offering them fixed-term contracts. One way to get around the ban on remunerating assessors (a mission supposed to be voluntary).

  • 3 Mobilize the civic reserve
  • Established by the equality and citizenship law of January 27, 2017, the civic reserve offers to any adult, voluntary, the possibility of serving the values ​​of the Republic by participating, on a voluntary and occasional basis, in the realization of projects of general interest. Municipalities wishing to mobilize volunteers can do so via the platform by creating a “mission” (standard models have been developed for these elections). The volunteers of the territory concerned will receive this mission request and will be able to register.

  • 4 Requisitioning voters on polling day
  • There will remain one last solution whatever happens. In the event of a lack of assessors on polling day, the chairman of the polling station may requisition them from among the voters present when the shortage is observed. However, the electoral code does not provide for any sanction for voters who refuse to perform this task.

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