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Elected officials denounce an anti-migration operation in the Pyrenees

Several elected officials from Occitania, including the socialist regional president, Carole Delga, denounced, Tuesday, January 19, an operation “Illegal anti-migrant” Identity Generation between Luchon (Haute-Garonne) and Spain, asking for sanctions.

Tuesday, about thirty people “In screen-printed cars Defends Europe have settled on the Col du Portillon, some are “Gone on a hike” and using ” a drone “ to monitor the border, said the gendarmerie. Some activists also “Been dislodged from the Melles hydroelectric dam”, said the same source.

“This operation, carried out illegally, is only intended to create the buzz media and thus allow these extremists to develop their hate speech ”, denounced, in a joint statement, Carole Delga, the president of the departmental council of Haute-Garonne, Georges Méric (PS), the deputy of Haute-Garonne, Joël Aviragnet (PS), and the mayor of Luchon, Eric Azemar (without label).

These elected officials ask “To the prefect of Haute-Garonne to put an end firmly and without delay to this coup, unworthy and contrary to the values ​​of the Republic and our territory”, demanding that proceedings be taken against the instigators who had carried out a similar operation in the Alps, they recall. They also ask the Ministry of the Interior to dissolve “This violent and dangerous extreme right-wing group”.

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“Helping the police”

For his part, the regional prefect “Firmly” condemned, at the end of the afternoon, these actions “Purely symbolic which did not cause any disturbance to public order but which unnecessarily mobilized the police, diverting them from their mission of monitoring the border”, he said, in a statement.

The prefect specified that one of the far-right activists had been heard by the gendarmerie after participating in the “Deployment of a banner on a site belonging to EDF”.

According to a message from Generation Identity posted on social networks, this campaign called “Defend Europe” intends to fight against “Terrorist and migratory risk in the Pyrenees”. “This massive immigration against which the various governments have never really fought, we, Identity Generation, (…) decided to oppose it concretely, so we wanted to lend a hand to the police “, declared by telephone Thaïs d’Escufon, a spokesperson for Génération Identitaire in Toulouse, present on the Pyrenean operation.

In December, Génération Identitaire (GI) and three of its executives had been released by the Grenoble Court of Appeal, in the case of anti-immigrant operations carried out in 2018 in the Alps, on the Franco-Italian border.

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