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El Salvador is making its crypto-revolution: towards a Bitcoin International?

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It triggers the wrath of central banks and the speculative passions of tech billionaires. But above all a new adhesion on the part of countries in search of monetary independence. This is the case of El Salvador, which will make bitcoin an official currency, a world first.

Can bitcoin become a weapon of mass liberation? This crypto currency is blowing a wind of financial independence in El Salvador, especially vis-à-vis the US dollar, also the official currency in the country since 2001. The Salvadorian Congress approved, on the night of June 8 to 9, by 62 votes out of 84, the proposal for the adoption of cryptocurrency defended by President Nayib Bukele. After San Salvador, it is the turn of Panama City and Mexico to be tempted by the legalization of active crypto.

Are cryptos falling into line? They earn their letters of nobility from institutions. With the investments made by financial institutions like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, or even Société Générale, we can observe a normalization of crypto-currencies. Is this a denial of the ideals of the beginnings?

Trakx is a new crypto index trading platform, a kind of Cac 40 of crypto currencies. She works on the possibility of investing in values ​​that respect the environment and promote inclusion. For example the loan between unbanked people. Is this the start of crypto-ethics? The president of Trakx, Lionel Rebibo is our guest.

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