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[Édito] The Republicans or the vertigo of the void – Debates

The right is today the victim of the fragmentation of the political landscape and its lack of a backbone in the face of the challenges of the day. The trap that Emmanuel Macron set for him during the last presidential election risks closing in on her again if the Republicans do not manage to clarify their doctrine and their ambitions. For the moment, it is every man for himself in a logic of clans. The Prime Minister, who until now was not known for his political ability, pulled off a masterful blow. By announcing that the head of the LREM list Sophie Cluzel was withdrawing to Marseille in favor of the president of the regional council, Jean Castex put Renaud Muselier in difficulty. And the latter to protest by recalling that he leads the regional majority whose marchers are only a supplement. Also, which way it turns, the right is deemed to be guilty. If it plans to ally itself with the National Rally, the cries of orchard multiply on this fascist temptation. But conversely, that Muselier applies the doctrine of the cordon sanitaire enacted by Chirac and approaches the majority party in the Assembly but very little rooted in the provinces, it is again horror. Because this gives rise to fear of a foreshadowing of the LR strategy at the national level. In fact, it is time for the Republicans to equip themselves with a leader who has a program while the leadership of the party embodied by Christian Jacob has been floating since François Baroin gave up the game. While waiting for the verdict of the regional for Bertrand and Pécresse, the primaries, which would inevitably bring Retailleau in a position to be the candidate of the right, are slow. Because nobody wants it, the Fillon syndrome helping. For fear of taking over for five years of opposition, the Republicans dawdle and let Emmanuel Macron create division in their ranks.

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