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[Édito] The man who never let go – Debates

We cannot blame Emmanuel Macron, always so proud and lonely, for not having a follow-up in his ideas. The communication exercise he engaged in this Wednesday evening shows that the President is not giving up. Like Churchill during the bombings of London, he grits his teeth and urges the sick, caregivers, restaurateurs, artists and students to do the same. We have had two confinements, one very severe for two months, between March 17 and May 11, 2020, the other shorter, a month and a half, between October 30 and December 15, 2020. C ‘ is less than the English who had three months of confinement. Then, from the end of December, we implemented variable geometry curfews and the start of territorialization which has just ended. We had entered the era of light confinements and no one understood anything anymore. We have just plunged back into a priori harsher confinement where there is no question of closing schools but of slightly extending the duration of the holidays by one week. Because we are the only ones in Europe to have held firm even if, in practice, it was time to take a break because schools are closing one after the other. The important thing was to draw a perspective, to give hope. It is said, thanks to the vaccination, twenty million French people will be bitten in mid-May, thirty in mid-June. In short, the threshold of collective immunity having been reached, we will be able to resume a normal life with the first days of summer. Alleluia. It’s almost too good to be true. Let’s not listen to those who say that variants can play around with vaccines. Hope gives life. Can we hope for feedback to learn from this collective tragedy in which the French bureaucracy has given the full measure of its ineffectiveness?

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