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[Édito] The economy, Biden’s emergency worksite – Debates

Healing, restoring social peace, stemming the pandemic: to the emergency projects of the Biden administration is added the economy. Measured at 3.6% (half as much as in Europe), the recession is the sneaky enemy of an America fueled by growth and consumption. Joe Biden must, whatever the cost, revive the activity confined by the virus! His plan to 1900 billion dollars will therefore widen deficits and debt already abysmal, but no one discusses the need – political – to finance short-time working, increase the minimum wage, help confused students, help the homeless. Apostle of America First, Trump was right to castigate the deindustrialization which methodically downgraded entire regions and impoverished a deep America at the antipodes of Gafam, Elon Musk’s Tesla or Pfizer and Moderna, inventors of the first anti-covid vaccines. . But he has not been able to straighten the bar or so little. With the integration of China into the WTO in 2001, neoliberal globalization accelerated the industrial desertification of the United States and boosted the historical cycle of growth of the Middle Empire. It provided the Chinese with the keys to cutting-edge technologies, making Beijing “the” systemic rival of the West. Everything has a price. Even Trump’s noisy – and justified – crusade against China’s gargantuan surpluses hit the nail on the head: the US deficit finally exceeded $ 315 billion! Covid and growth: America is slipping as the Chinese economy rebounded to 6.5% at the end of the year, making Xi Jinping the big winner of the pandemic. Figures questionable or not, China sets the pace. On the sidelines of the upheavals of fractured America, this geostrategic reality is one of the greatest challenges facing the 46th President of the United States.

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