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[Édito] The angelism of Amnesty International – Debates

In its annual report, Amnesty International casts a harsh judgment on France, once considered the land of human rights. The new Secretary General Agnès Callamard indirectly sends a “red card” to French leaders by pointing to a degradation dating back twenty years which would become problematic for rights and freedoms in the country. We were used to the remonstrances of the NGO concerning certain dictatorships where imprisonment and torture were blithely practiced. Targeting France is a novelty which is explained, according to the new head of the organization, by the use of de-encircling grenades and LBDs during the revolt of the yellow vests. But also because of the strengthening of a repressive legal framework characterized by the comprehensive security law, the establishment of an increased surveillance system as well as the bill against separatism. And to evoke a destruction “slowly” of the values ​​which found the Republic, in particular by a hardening of migration policies, calling into question the fight for equality or against racism. Without forgetting the French diplomacy, guilty of selling weapons, or the army, of deadly slippages in the fight against terrorism, as recently in Mali. This is where the NGO’s statement becomes very political and seems to deny the rise of violence within our society but also in the world, as evidenced by the arms race within several areas of confrontation, in particular Asia. Globalization is accompanied by the development of many authoritarian regimes, from democratures to strong leaders including Xi-Jinping, Erdogan who threatens the Mediterranean, and of course Putin, in power since 2000, ready to extend his reign until 2036. It is not certain that Amnesty’s angelism thus protects us from the populist wave.

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