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[Édito] Sus à l’Ena – Debates

The sense of timeliness is often a political virtue. One year before the presidential election, the Head of State seizes the dysfunctions of the health crisis to hate the senior public administration and its prestigious symbol, Ena, of which it is a pure product. We will say that the shortcut is brutal and that Macron is only keeping a promise, a bit demago and opportunist, made the day after the yellow vests sequence. The enarques which populate the ministries, prefectures and other institutions of the Republic had already, it is true, been judged “above ground” during the insurrection of the streets. Of which act. But what about the action of the executive? From the Prime Minister, the Enarque Édouard Philippe? From the President himself? Let’s move on. For ages the Presidents – sometimes children of the enarchy such as Giscard, Chirac or Holland – rant against the omnipotence and spirit of disobedience of their former school mates at the helm of the public system. Politics orders but, a well-known refrain, ministers pass and (senior) officials remain. One thing is certain, the image of the aristocracy of our senior civil service invented by De Gaulle has lived. If the causes must be shared between the actors of the political game and the administration, the time has come, on both sides, to put an end to the Pavlovian reflexes of the inter-self or of the single thought. . This hardly justifies pointing out against an administration that is sometimes heavy, often badly managed, but globally deserving and unfairly ridiculed. Beware, populism. That said, promoting diversity, diversifying recruitment, modernizing education, changing the era: the aims of the Public Service Institute which will replace Ena are commendable. The Ena will disappear. What about enarchy?

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