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[Édito] Open the terraces without locking the ballot boxes – Debates

Valérie Pécresse confirmed this concerning her re-election in Ile-de-France after Xavier Bertrand hinted at it for Hauts-de-France, the starting point of his ambition to conquer the country: a failure, a priori unlikely , in the region for which she has spared no efforts since her election, would end her political career. The difference is that Pécresse does not show like Bertrand of national ambition, at the risk, for the latter, of appearing ambivalent in wanting to run two hares at the same time. But the former Minister of Health and Labor does not intend to let himself be locked up. Neither in a mechanism of primaries of the right, nor in regional elections which could not have taken place. Because the government, which is surfing on the fear inspired by the health crisis, has tried to pass through profit and loss this consultation which should be unfavorable to it. The president of the MoDem group in the Assembly, Patrick Mignola, was the first to raise the hypothesis of a postponement. Then the President of the Assembly, Richard Ferrand, stepped into the breach. A bogus survey of the Association of Mayors of France (AMF) did the rest before Prime Minister Jean Castex opened the debate in the Assembly on the issue. Gérard Larcher, President of the Senate, believing that universal suffrage should be able to be expressed in all circumstances. And the oppositions, not just the right, to be furious. They hope to be able to restore their health to the detriment of the “New World”. Especially since there was a major contradiction in wanting to reopen the terraces and lock the ballot boxes, even if it meant installing them in the open air. The maneuver, too political, should not pass the ramp. The French were not fooled by this new threat of deprivation of liberty, the government had to back down. Democracy will grow out of it just like this election which, a priori, did not thrill the crowds.

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