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[Édito] On the use of judo in politics – Debates

There is a genius of the one who is said to be “the stupidest in the world” to shoot herself in the foot. This is what tells the wonderful story of Guillaume Tabard, brilliant columnist for “Figaro”, in “The curse of the right” which sweeps 60 years of missed appointments, as underlined by the subtitle of the book published by Perrin . From hatred escalated into ideological clashes, which result in the multiplication of twisted blows, Tabard wonders about the possible rebound of the right after the Macronian cyclone. However, these days, history seems to be repeating itself. Certainly, Renaud Muselier, summoned to the headquarters of the Republicans, took care to specify that there would be no agreement in Paca with LREM and that no minister, starting with Sophie Cluzel, would not be part of the list. of the regional majority, to be clearly distinguished from the presidential majority. However, the damage is done because this manipulation – which makes one think of a hold of judo, the weakest, in this case the Macronist party, using the force of the adversary – resuscitates the rout of the right during the victory in 2017 of the current head of state. By digging into the orphans of the right (Édouard Philippe, Gérald Darmanin…), Emmanuel Macron was slowing down his reconstruction since he came to camp at the heart of his contradictions with his soft reformism, his societal liberalism and his European ambition. However, has the President durably divided the right, whose electorate will, once again, be the result of the election? Obviously, Macron believes that the public money with which he floods the country because of the health crisis, will allow his re-election, unlike his predecessors. And that at the last moment, the glass ceiling will still play to the detriment of Marine Le Pen. He underestimates the Bertrand diesel and the Pécresse gazelle!

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