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[Édito] Macron at Pont d’Arcole – France

We had left him ill, pale, looking depressed, anxious not to be forgotten by the French to the point of delivering a long cultural dissertation to a weekly newspaper … We find Emmanuel Macron, admittedly no longer seated at his marble table, but at the Fireside, holding a speech that was at first almost paternal, to express its compassion towards the 64,000 victims of covid and their families, list the names of the heroines and heroes who died for France – Coralie, Gérald, Mehdi… – then turn to the students “who suffer more than the others », As well as the French from the world of culture and sport.

But, while a few hours earlier, in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel, 66, at the end of her fourth term, had to admit to the Germans, with the look of deep sorrow that a mother would have when preparing her children for great mourning. – “these difficult times will last a while longer” – he, the young French president of 43, on the march for a second term, adopted the conquering attitude of “Bonaparte at the Pont d’Arcole”, leading his troops to horse, and brandishing with one hand the saber, with the other the flag, to assault the enemy. Of course, “the epidemic will still weigh” in 2021 but “we will be able to meet the challenges”. Because “hope is there”.

Without dwelling on the controversy caused by the “unjustified slowness” of vaccination in France, without returning either to the pension reform project to which he was keen on for three years, General Macron speaks of “the strength of our culture”, “Youth”, “history of which we are proud” and, on several occasions, “hope”. A hope that he baptizes with two names: “new French morning” and “European spring”. No surprise announcement but music, a candidate’s tone.

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