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Containment, curfews, restrictions… The truth is, we will only get out of the nightmare through innovation, science and technology. It only took us ten months to have messenger RNA (Pfizer and Moderna) and adenovirus (AstraZeneca) vaccines. Unprecedented achievement in history: a new vaccine hitherto required five to ten years before marketing! So certainly one thing is to invent vaccines. Another thing is to dispose of it. The arduous hunt for vials and doses is even more frustrating at a time when very encouraging studies confirm that mass vaccination has a powerful protective effect in Israel and the United Kingdom, blocking the spread, sharply reducing hospitalizations. Hope is therefore in the bottle. And the battle rages on for access to the vaccine. Europe, as we know, has fallen behind due to strict security procedures. Of the 190 million doses produced to date worldwide, 55 million have been delivered to the United States, 45 million to China, 35 million to the Old Continent. At the maneuver for two weeks in Brussels, European Commissioner Thierry Breton sounded general mobilization. At the end of the year, he ensures that the forty factories that make up, carry out the assembly / filling of the bottles and take care of the bottles will be able to produce two to three billion doses. Going from tens of millions to billions of vaccines: this feat, industrial this time, would guarantee the autonomy of Europeans and would allow millions of inhabitants in other countries or continents, including Africa, to be vaccinated. Eradicating the virus obviously means vaccinating the planet. From an ethical standpoint, to take the vaccine for what it is: our common good.

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