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[Édito] Ecology as a target – Debates

Will ecology in France always be in the making? Powerfully structured across the Rhine, it led Chancellor Merkel to bury her nuclear industry, to return to coal. A polluting energy par excellence, historical nonsense. Our industrial policy made a lot of mistakes, but not this one. After having launched a “Grenelle de l’Environnement”, former President Sarkozy had decreed that “ecology is starting to do well”. His successors continue to denounce punitive ecology, Emmanuel Macron not having hesitated to compare them to the “Amish”. It must be said that the ecologists who have an innate sense of division, sometimes give yards to get beaten. Even before the match is launched, everyone sees in the mayor of Grenoble, Eric Piolle, the future killer of Yannick Jadot. The controversies over the denunciation of the macho character of the “Tour de France” or about the removal of the Christmas tree in Bordeaux, were a gift for their opponents. This time, they are fighting back, considering themselves regularly targeted by the government. The latest example is the meatless menus in Lyon canteens. A simple technical measure, according to them, to increase rotations, given the health crisis. The resulting crossfire on the part of the executive – Attal, Darmanin, Normandy – is, from their point of view, a concerted political offensive in the run-up to regional elections. In Brittany, the agrifood lobby, which provides a living for 70,000 employees – as many as there are farmers – should soon wake up to explain that, in the absence of a new agricultural model that is still vague, we must live well and for that, produce. No doubt he will find a listening ear for LREM.

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