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[Édito] Dosage errors – Debates

With, of course, a delay of two weeks on the announced objectives, the Prime Minister, flanked by his Minister of the Interior, visiting the Stade de France, trumpeted that the objectives would be met. The French are skeptical but want to believe that the end of the tunnel is near. The Americans, two weeks ahead of their program, have vaccinated a third of their population and the economic recovery is taking shape across the Atlantic. Ten thousand piquouzes per week, ten million injections from the second half of April: mass vaccination is however on the rails in France. Proof that, despite criticism against Europe, European Commissioner Thierry Breton has done a good job and that there are still great business leaders in this country of which the infernal Boris Johnson is beginning to be wary. Because his solo game begins to turn against him by depriving the English of a second dose. We still need to be able to vaccinate on weekends and that the mistrust that mounts both towards AstraZeneca and Moderna does not increase too much. Because the bad buzz on these vaccines becomes counterproductive, as pointed out by Irène Frachon, to the Tébéo newscast, ruling out any comparison with the Mediator, a real poison. In the meantime, the country is settling surreptitiously in a culture of informing as shown by the supposedly devastating suspicions around luxurious clandestine dinners in which one or more ministers would have participated without this affirmation having been, for the moment, demonstrated. While we compare three hundred sanctions drawn up in Paris against illegal restaurants and we cite the example of this family fined for having consumed rosé on a beach in the Hérault, the controversy swells against the background of class struggle. Not to mention this Mass without any respect for barrier gestures! In behavior faults, everything is a question of dosage!

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