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[Édito] Biden, the Irishman: ally, not savior – Debates

Wednesday, at the end of “two difficult days of meeting” (dixit) in London, the vice-president of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic looked serious. “Nothing, nothing was done,” he said. He spoke of the indigence of the British government which, eighteen months after the signing of the “Irish Protocol”, still has not put in place appropriate controls in the Irish Sea to ensure controls between the United Kingdom and the European market without isolating Northern Ireland.

Hence the hope raised by the visit to Europe of the President of the United States. Joe biden belongs to the immense community of “Irish Americans”, these 30 million Americans with Celtic roots. His ancestor, Edward Blewitt, was one of some 900,000 Irish who left the island in the mid-19th century to seek better fortune on the New Continent. He who has never been a supporter of Brexit, unlike his predecessor, pleads for a multilateral world order, also needs a Europe that works and rhymes with peace. He recalled on Wednesday evening, through his external security adviser Jake Sullivan (Irish name if any) that the Irish protocol is “essential to ensure that the spirit, the promise and the future of the ‘Good Friday agreement (which marks the end of the Irish Civil War, editor’s note) be protected ”.

But in Brussels, we are careful not to present him as a savior. A question of honor but also of realism. If Biden mate Johnson, there will be a price to pay. The Europeans would like to solve the problem themselves. And for that, they will have to face their divisions, in particular on the manner of treating the City of London of which Johnson seeks at all costs to make a “Singapore on Thames”, in clear a huge tax haven.

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