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Ed Sheeran channels Edward Cullen in teaser for new song “Bad Habits”

Edward Cullen or Edward Sheeran?

Ed sheeran (whose first name is actually Edward, apparently) turned into a true vampire for the release of his upcoming single, “Bad Habits”.

Midshipman Cullen was pictured in a new teaser for the song while sporting fake fangs and baggy eyes that certainly appear to belong to the living dead. Her skin was pale white (and no doubt icy), and the “Perfect” singer had her signature red mane capped with a dusk-esque swoop.

The only difference between the Grammy winner and the high school idol? Ed’s eyes were a bright blue – probably contact lens work – while Stephenie Meyer fans know his Forks vampires’ eyes range from gold to blood red.

And not to mention Ed’s hot pink costume… Edward Cullen could NEVER.

It is not known if Ed checks off any of the other characteristics of vampires. According to Bella Swan: “You are incredibly fast and strong. Your skin is a pale, icy white. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you talk like you’re from another era. You never eat or drink. nothing. You don’t go out in the sun. “

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