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“I am one of those who believed in a joke! “Laughs Thinhinane, 28, a sixth year medical student in Brest. The offer of Djennifer Delafosse, owner of Thousand and One Beauty Hair Salon, in the district of Saint-Pierre, surprised more than one. Yet it is very real: every Tuesday, since February 23 and for a month, students can have their hair done for 1 € symbolic, only. Djennifer’s husband, who keeps the hairdresser-barber Sib’Hair Barber Shop, in Guilers (29), takes care of the students. A small gesture, “to help”, in the words of the hairdresser.

“It’s stupid… But I watch television a lot, and I saw that the students were suffering from the health crisis. So I tried to find a solution, at my own level, ”explains the 30-something, who also assures her:“ We are losing money in this story! The minimum price for a cut for women is € 28 ”.

It’s great to be able to have this little pleasure!

A cost that has become exorbitant for many students, due to the covid-19 crisis. “Taking into account the charges and my accommodation, I only have 120 € per month left, even with APL. So the € 28 cut is not possible, ”says Thinhinane. Before this offer, the medical student had ended up giving up the hairdresser. Same deprivation for Elisa, 20: “I no longer go to the hairdresser. I work in fast food. With the crisis, I lost € 200 on my salary, ”admits the third-year psychology student, for whom the offer is a great opportunity. “It’s great to be able to have this little pleasure! “.

Support from all over France

The two students heard about the hairdressing salon’s offer on social networks. “We just published a post on the various pages of the show, including Facebook and Instagram, a week ago. And, it was exponential. Today, we have 50,000 shares! », Enthuses Djennifer. Appointments have then multiplied. “Every day, 20 to 30 students call to get an appointment! », Says Marion, employee in the living room. “We are already making appointments for the third Tuesday! “

An almost national tidal wave. “There is a lot of sharing of people who don’t even live in Brittany. Just to support our initiative! », Explains the manager of the show. In an increasingly uncertain health context, and as students’ distress increases, initiatives like those of Djennifer find a particular echo in France.

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