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Durham couple kidnapped man from Louisiana Airbnb, accused him of relationship with wife ::

– A Durham couple have been arrested in connection with a beating and kidnapping that occurred near New Orleans on June 27.

Malcom Reed and his wife, Misanda Reed, were charged with aggravated assault and battery, aggravated assault with a firearm and aggravated kidnapping.

Officers discovered that a man had been severely beaten, with a broken leg and possible broken arm in Kenner, Louisiana. The man’s wrists and ankles were showing signs of being tied.

The injured man told police he was from Houston and was in Kenner to meet his college friend Misanda Reed at an Airbnb.

He was confronted by Malcom Reed, who had a handgun, and he was tied to a chair and questioned for several hours about his relationship with Misanda Reed. He did not know Misanda Reed was married, officials said.

The man was beaten with a bat and cut with a knife with a gun pointed at his head, officials said. It looks like it was also stolen.

After the beating, he was forced into his vehicle by the couple, and they took him to the street and threw him out of his car.

Community members and Linkedin say Malcom Reed is the owner and founder of Durham’s non-profit D3 Community Outreach on Angier Avenue. Reed’s photo on Linkedin matches the photo taken by officials in Louisiana.

Samuel Jenkins, a local barber, said Malcom Reed was his tenant and that he had rented space for his outreach program. But he said Malcom Reed left years ago, with little notice.

“It was really frustrating because people were starting to walk by and say, ‘Hey, you saw it. I want to have shirts made, ”he said. The association sold t-shirts, according to articles posted on the D3 Community Outreach Facebook page.

WRAL News is still working to find out if this nonprofit is still active in the community. D3 Community Outreach has been operating for 10 years, according to their website.

“A lot of times you don’t realize who you are performing. You have parents and children who believe in you, ”Jenkins said.

The couple were arrested in Durham on July 14 by a US Marshals Service task force and are awaiting extradition to Louisiana.


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