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Dupont-Aignan takes over the credits of Stars Wars and dreams of being the savior of France – RT en français

In a video posted on Twitter on the occasion of the celebration of the saga of George Lucas, Debout France says it is preparing for the 2022 presidential election in the face of the duel announced between “the greedy Republic in March” and Marine Le Pen.

“Episode 2022. Macron vs Le Pen: the phantom menace.” Thus begins the video posted on May 4 by Nicolas Dupont-Aignan’s Debout La France (DLF) party on the occasion of Star Wars Day, an unofficial party celebrating the saga of George Lucas.

This one-and-a-half-minute video using the codes of the credits of films, music included, paints a portrait of a “French people”. […] in full boiling ”. “Massive taxation, growing insecurity, amateurism and the incompetence of the government in managing the Covid-19 crisis are causing discord,” he explained.

“To resolve the issue, the greedy Republic in March and its formidable army of puppet deputies are following in their footsteps on China and imposing health registration on the French”, we can also read.

“Faced with this dangerous gear, while the media lock the French in a duel whose outcome we know and whose people would not emerge victorious, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is preparing, with a capable, experienced team that has already proven its worth , a pragmatic, concrete and ambitious program capable of redressing the country … ”, concludes the video.

As a bonus, DLF gives us a photomontage of Darth Vader, central and evil character of the saga, and Emmanuel Macron.

On May 4, Star Wars fans celebrate the films in the series and all of the culture surrounding the saga. This date was chosen around the pun “May the Force be with you(May the force be with you in English) become “May the fourth be with you(May 4 be with you). Will the force accompany Nicolas Dupont-Aignan during the next presidential election? Response in April 2022.

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