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Drugs in Morlaix: traffic dismantled in the district of La Madeleine – Morlaix


After a first descent on June 23, the police from the Morlaix police station, supported by a dog team from Brest (dog specializing in drug research), again intervened in La Madeleine, this Monday, October 11, in the afternoon. The objective: the dismantling of drug trafficking which had grown in recent months, causing general dissatisfaction among residents of this neighborhood, however deemed to be quiet. To carry out this large-scale operation, the Morlais police forces carried out networking, investigation and surveillance work for several months.

Resin, weed, cocaine, heroin and a weapon seized

The least we can say is that this work has borne fruit. This Monday, five people were arrested near the towers of Pors ar Bayec. Three adults, including the alleged organizer of the traffic and his nanny

, as well as two minors. Knowing that they were wanted by the police, two other minors spontaneously went to the police station during the day.

On the spot, in a box, the investigators found 2.8 kg of cannabis resin (28 plates of 100 g), as well as 800 g of herb. During the search carried out at the home of the nurse, a 22 long rifle pistol, its silencer, a magazine filled with cartridges, cash, but also grass, cannabis resin, cocaine and heroin were seized. 800 € in cash were also found at the home of a minor. Note that the dog “stups” also discovered, hidden in the thickets near the building bars, a few small sachets of resin ready for resale.

Two immediate appearances this Friday

In total, the two police operations carried out this year at La Madeleine made it possible to seize “3.5 kg of cannabis resin, 839 g of herb, 36 g of cocaine, 12 g of heroin and € 3,500 in cash. », Lists Commander Patrice Kerbrat, boss of the Morlaix police station. Which specifies that the alleged main dealer and his nanny will be tried this Friday afternoon, in immediate appearance, at the Brest court. The third adult is summoned to the same place on December 12 to be judged there in turn. As for the four minors, they were released and placed under judicial supervision. They will be presented to a juvenile judge at the end of November.

* Person who hides drugs at home for remuneration.