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Drucker is full of praise for the Macron couple – RT en français

The indebted television host Michel Drucker said on LCI that he would vote “probably for our current president” if the ballot took place “next Sunday”.

Difficult to evade the question after so many compliments. After a time of hesitation, Michel Drucker replied to journalist Darius Rochebin on LCI on September 12 that he would vote “probably for our current president” if the presidential election took place “next Sunday”.

In the previous minutes, Michel Drucker had enumerated the qualities of the spouses in his eyes: “Madame Macron is a fascinating person because she knows our profession, professor, theater teacher, she knows the artists. I discover that she goes to the theater all the time, she knows everything, she knows everything, ”he said.

And the one who celebrated his 79 years that day then to follow on the president himself: “He is a phenomenon, he is a gifted all the same”. “Liveness, intellectual dexterity (sic) […] he knows everything, ”said Michel Drucker, clearly impressed by the president’s abilities during a state visit to Chad where they met for“ two days and two nights ”.

“My family is a left-wing family for a very simple reason,” added the host at the end of the program, recalling in passing that his father owed his French naturalization in 1937 to Leon Blum and the Popular Front. “It is the left that made us French, I have a duty to remember,” he added.

Having started his career in the 1960s, Michel Drucker is still active, notably hosting the program Vivement dimanche on France 2 despite a 6-month hiatus between 2020 and 2021 for health reasons.

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