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DRC: the military will take power Thursday in Ituri and North Kivu

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In the DRC, President Tshisekedi signed two ordinances which define the conditions for the implementation of the state of siege in Ituri and North Kivu. It will take effect from Thursday for a renewable period of 30 days. The operation aims to stem the massacres in the two regions.

The Chadian opposition based in Paris was received at the Elysee Palace. Among the figures of those who criticize the Chadian power, Makaïla Nguebla. He was able to meet with Emmanuel Macron’s advisers. The Chadian ambassador to France answers him.

In Senegal, vaccination against Covid-19 is accessible to everyone regardless of age, yet citizens do not jostle on dedicated sites. Report in this newspaper on the start of the vaccination campaign without enthusiasm.


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