Drake Releases New Song “Family Matters” Dissing Kendrick Lamar: Listen

And so it continues. After Kendrick Lamar came out of the shadows with Drake’s extremely angry “Euphoria” speech this week, Drake responded with a music video from a teen romantic comedy. Tonight, less than 24 hours after Kendrick hit him with another diss track, “6:16 In LA,” Drake returned to the field with his latest song in this ongoing feud.

Like “Euphoria”, “Family Matters” is long – well over seven minutes, with several changes of pace. In the first section, on a video of the van of the good child, mAAd city With the art crushed, he namechecks YG and other gangbangers he knows on the West Coast. He takes photos of Kendrick’s wedding, insinuating that his longtime fiancée, Whitney Alford, is not happy and that one of his children was actually fathered by his business partner Dave Free. Drake also references Alford’s lighter skin after Kendrick questions his darkness in “Euphoria.” There’s also a reference to Metro partner Boomin cheating on him, and Drake’s tour mate J. Cole – who famously entered and then immediately opted out of rap’s current civil war – catches a stray.

Midway through, Drake turns his attention to The Weeknd, implying that Abel Tesfaye’s music is popular in gay bars (homophobia has been a theme in this feud). He goes after A$AP Rocky, mocking his reliance on fashion and Rihanna for attention rather than his music. He makes fun of Future and Metro Boomin’s recent two albums, saying he had to go through them. He says Kendrick’s bars are only viable these days when his cousin Baby Keem writes ghosts for him – an allegation that is sure to infuriate Kendrick, who has spoken out against ghostwriters. He tries to turn Rick Ross’ assertion that Drake is “the white boy” into a bar about how other rappers wave white flags.

In the third and final section of the “Family Matters” lyric video, the footage shifts to New Ho King, the Toronto restaurant that went viral after Kendrick mentioned it in “Euphoria.” The first line of this segment is pretty funny: “Kendrick just opened his mouth/Someone’s gonna give him a Grammy now.” » He raps that Kendrick called Tupac Shakur’s estate and begged them to remove his AI dissent track.

Things get really real at the end, as Drake accuses Kendrick of beating Alford, while returning to the theme of Kendrick being physically small – “When you put your hands on your daughter/Is it self-defense because That she’s taller than you?” Eventually, it even alleges that Kendrick hired a crisis PR firm to cover up a history of domestic violence. He wonders why Kendrick and his daughter are still not married even though they’ve been engaged since 2015. He also says Kendrick moved to New York and cryptically raps that “we know the girls you really like.” This is his attempt at dropping a “You’re Hiding a Child”-level bombshell – and if it’s true, it would certainly qualify. Listen below.

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