Doug Pederson: Monday’s article about lawsuit against Brandon McManus was “the first I’ve heard of it”

If the Jaguars were aware of the lawsuit against the team and former kicker (now Commanders kicker) Brandon McManus before Monday, that information was not relayed to coach Doug Pederson.

“I saw the article that was published,” Pederson told reporters Tuesday. “Obviously, it’s disappointing to hear the news that happened. You know, other than that, honestly, since this is a legal matter at the moment, I can’t really comment until more information is gathered.

Pederson then said of Monday’s article: “This is the first time I’ve heard of it, yes. »

He was also asked about the allegation that it was a “party” atmosphere on the flight from Jacksonville to London that sparked two flight attendants’ claims that McManus had sexually assaulted them. Pederson did not deny the accuracy of this characterization.

“A typical flight is not like that, it’s a business trip,” Pederson said. “It’s a business trip. And that’s how we approach it from an organizational standpoint, you know, from a league standpoint. So for that, when I read that, that part was disappointing.

Pederson said the team was unaware of the allegations before cutting McManus. Pederson also declined to provide further details about how the players and others were seated on the plane.

Atlas Air has large aircraft, including 747s, in its fleet. It is possible that Pederson and other management personnel were not even on the same level of the plane where the alleged misconduct occurred.

Pederson’s comments come at a time when attorney Tony Buzbee said efforts were made to settle the claims before the lawsuit was filed Friday. It is possible that pretrial settlement efforts focused solely on McManus.

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