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Donald Trump pardons a new relative struggling with justice

His departure from the White House is now inevitable, despite calls to his supporters, Wednesday, November 25, for “Reverse” the result of the presidential election, Donald Trump decided. In the aftermath of a traditional turkey pardon before Thanksgiving, he chose to grant a presidential pardon to his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn. The latter had been stuck since 2017 in a twist of the “Russian” affair that polluted the start of the Republican’s mandate.

This leniency measure was announced on the president’s Twitter account. “I have the great honor to report that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted complete pardon. Congratulations to General Flynn and his wonderful family, I know you are going to have a really fantastic Thanksgiving ”, wrote Donald Trump.

The former general had given him his support very early in the Republican primary. He notably chanted from the platform of the Cleveland inauguration convention in July 2016 the slogan “Lock her up!” ” to the attention of his Democratic adversary, Hillary Clinton. A fate he almost experienced in place of the former Secretary of State.

Refusal to admit reality

Michael Flynn was rewarded with an appointment in November 2016 as national security adviser, after the election of the businessman. But he was sacked just days after taking office on February 13 when it was established that he had lied to the FBI and the Vice President about the nature of his dealings during the transition with the Russian Ambassador to Washington.

Hinting that relations between the two countries would improve with the coming to power of Donald Trump, Michael Flynn would have advised the diplomat not to react to the sanctions taken before his departure from the White House by the outgoing President, Barack Obama , in reaction to the interference given to Moscow during the presidential election by American intelligence. Donald Trump has always refused to admit the reality. Following the investigations of special prosecutor Robert Mueller, appointed by the justice department in 2017, Michael Flynn chose to plead guilty and cooperate with investigators, obviously in the hope of a reduced sentence for an offense punishable by the prison.

He had reconsidered his choice after changing lawyers, relying on an intervention in his favor of the justice department led from 2019 by William Barr. The latter materialized on May 7 when he asked for the prosecution to be dropped, assuring that the interrogation at the origin of the perjury was “ unjustified ” because ” unrelated With the survey. Donald Trump then triumphed, now judging ” bleached “His former adviser regularly presented as” destroy By what he considered a political cabal.

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