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Don Jr and Cruz lead GOP outrage as President says ‘no amendment is absolute’

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Joe Biden’s long-awaited gun control program kicked into action today as the President unveiled the executive’s actions on what an adviser called “the public health epidemic of gun violence “. Gun safety has been one of Mr Biden’s signature issues dating back decades, and the pressure on him to act aggressively has been intensified by the recent mass shootings in Atlanta and Boulder. .

“Enough prayers, now is the time to act,” Biden said, while anticipating expected criticism that his executive action violated the Second Amendment by calling it “bizarre.”

Supporters of the GOP’s Second Amendment pushed back, with Ted Cruz saying the answer to gun violence is to “come down like a ton of bricks” on violent criminals, not restrict the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens. keep and carry arms.

Donald Trump Jr, meanwhile, said the president wanted to disarm Americans while allowing his son, Hunter Biden, to illegally obtain firearms. Hunter Biden may have committed a crime by lying about background checks before purchasing a gun, which was then thrown in a dumpster, forcing the Secret Service to intervene, according to an inPolitico report.

“Hunter is allowed to break the law and lie on federal background check forms to get a gun without consequences ??? It seems fair, ”he said in a tweet.

The White House is protecting itself somewhat before the inevitable debate over the president’s decisions. Communications director Kate Bedingfield told CNN this morning that Mr Biden “would be the first to say it was not enough,” and signaled the next step would be to shift the burden to Capitol Hill. “Congress needs to move forward,” she said, “for example, on the bipartisan background check bills that are before them because the majority of the American people think we need to. ‘sensible gun reform.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called on the Biden administration to close a detention center where he says migrant children are sexually assaulted. State authorities are investigating allegations of abuse and neglect at the Freeman Coliseum near San Antonio, which currently houses some 1,300 people.

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