“Domestic violence is no joke, y’all”

A popular new trend from TikTok sees men starting a romantic date fantasy with “imagine if we”, only to escalate into violence. But a TikToker does not have it.

The new trend appears to be a riff on the popular “what if we kissed” meme from 2018, which asks what would happen if two people kissed in an unlikely situation. For example, a popular example, according to Know Your Meme, shows an image of the panopticon, a prison concept with a central observation tower allowing guards to monitor any prisoner at any time. The caption reads, “What would you do if we kissed in the panopticon,” featuring three monkey emojis, a heart-shaped exclamation point emoji, and a blushing smiley emoji.

While the “what if we kissed” meme deals in absurdity, the “imagine if we” trend is much darker. Last week, TikToker Bekah Day, compiled some of the trending participating videos, calling them.

“This trend isn’t funny. You guys aren’t funny. [Domestic violence] is no joke, y’all are sick,” Day wrote.

In the video, she shows a few examples of the trend, followed by newspaper clippings that eerily reflect the exact scenario being joked about.

A clip reads “Imagine if we were going on a date to the gym but instead of spotting you on the bench, I pushed the weight as loud as possible onto your neck and you just [skull and crossbones emoji] it looks fun [not gonna lie]. This is followed by a 2018 article from ABC News Australia, titled “Homicide suspected in case of woman found dead with bar across throat, coroner’s court hears”.

The article tells the story of Snezana Stojanovska, living with her husband, brother-in-law and mother-in-law in Preston, Victoria, at the time of her death in 2010. Her husband, Dragi Stojanovski, said he found his wife died on an ironing board she was using as a bench press. She had just learned that she was pregnant, according to the article. Snezana Stojanovska had a history of domestic violence, according to age. No one has been charged with his death.

Another of the clips compiled by Day reads: “Imagine we went fishing and I drove you to the middle of the ocean, put you in a garbage bag and threw you overboard by crash lol.”

This is followed by a 2021 press clipping from the Associated Press, “Man Charged in Woman’s Death After Body Parts Found in Bay”. The story is about Robert Kessler who was charged with second degree murder and abusing a corpse. By December, the charges against Kessler had been upgraded to first-degree murder.

Police said Kessler lived with Stephanie Crone-Overholts. Crone-Overholts’ body had been dismembered and dumped in McKay Bay near Tampa, Florida. Kessler denies any involvement in his death. He has been on trial since February.

A new trend on TikTok features men sharing what initially appear to be romantic date ideas with the phrase “imagine if…”, before launching into violent fantasies. Another TikToker slammed the trend saying “[domestic violence] is not a joke.”

In another clip, the caption reads, “Imagine it’s spring break and we’re chilling on the beech tree In the warm night breeze, then I put you on fire and just fxcking you to death.” This is paired with another AP article: “Ex-Boyfriend of Woman Set on FIre Arrested in Her Death”.

This article was published on March 16, two days after Day’s TikTok rose. Kelli Ranning Goodermont was set on fire at her workplace on March 15, and the next day Goodermont’s former boyfriend, Patrick Morris Simmons, was arrested. According to police, Goodermont filed a motion for protection in 2021 that accuses Simmons of holding a loaded gun to his head.

Simmons was seen by one of Goodermont’s co-workers kicking her as she burned to the ground, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Simmons told police he threw gasoline at her and set her on fire with his lighter.

“I had gasoline in my house. So, yeah, it was premeditated,” Simmons told police, adding that he set his house on fire “because there was paranormal activity. the low”.

Comments on Day’s video were mostly favorable.

“Guys who say ‘you don’t get the joke’ what’s the joke? Where’s the joke part?” @k.ellsie wrote.

“Some of these ‘jokes’ are so specific that I feel like the police should be investigating them for any similar mystery deaths in the area,” @soundindarkroom wrote.

“I love that @tiktok made a big fuss about the new community guidelines, but let’s keep those videos going, I don’t have that app anymore [thumbs up emoji]“, wrote @ymnmj3.

A TikTok spokesperson said Newsweek, “Misogyny has no place on TikTok. Content that promotes hateful behavior and violence against women goes against everything we stand for as a safe and inclusive platform and will be removed. “

Newsweek contacted Day for comment.

Update (03/22/2022, 10:10 p.m.): This article has been updated to include a comment from TikTok.


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