Dolphin explains why its GameCube and Wii emulator won’t be in the App Store

Apple recently changed its policy to allow game emulators on the App Store. Delta, one of the essential emulator apps, skyrocketed to the top of the App Store overnight. However, another popular emulator called Dolphin still faces a political hurdle.

Dolphin explains in a blog post that Apple’s resistance to apps using JIT means the App Store is still out of reach for now.

The GameCube and Wii contain a PowerPC-based processor. All modern Apple devices use an ARM-based processor. It is not possible to directly run PowerPC code on an ARM processor, and vice versa. Therefore, if we want to run a GameCube or Wii game on an iPhone, it is necessary to translate the game’s PowerPC code to ARM so that the CPU can understand it.

Apple has already denied his request to use JIT, likely as a security measure. Dolphin illustrates how JIT is critical to their performance:

Play both videos at once to see how JIT is essential to running Dolphin on iOS, and read the full blog post here.


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