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Dolly Parton best responds to Lil Nas X’s “Jolene” cover

Country star and gay icon Dolly Parton responded to rapper Lil Nas X’s recent cover of his 1974 hit “Jolene” in the most Dolly way.

Lil Nas X posted the coverage – recorded on the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge – last week, and it had received more than 1.5 million views on YouTube as of Thursday afternoon.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Parton said she “was so excited” when someone told her that Lil Nas X had picked up “Jolene”.

“I had to find it and listen to it immediately… and that is really good,” she wrote, adding, “I was surprised and I am honored and flattered.”

Lil Nas X, who recently released his debut album, “Montero,” seemed in awe of his response Wednesday night: “HOLY S —,” he wrote.

Parton shared her statement on the cover on all of her social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram, where she added a photo of herself and Lil Nas X wearing fringe outfits.

The LGBTQ community, in particular, loved the exchange.

Lil Nas X became gay in 2019 and celebrated his homosexuality in his music and videos.

Parton has also long been seen as a gay icon for his support for LGBTQ rights well ahead of others in his industry. While it is not known exactly when she spoke out in favor of same-sex marriage, she made statements in favor of it as early as 2009.

In a 2014 interview with Billboard magazine, Parton also said she doesn’t believe LGBTQ people should be judged for who they are.

“They know I love them and fully accept them, as I do for everyone,” she told Billboard when asked about her large gay audience. “I have struggled enough in my life to be appreciated and understood. I’ve had to go up against all kinds of people over the years just to be myself.

She added, “I think everyone should be allowed to be who they are and love who they love. I don’t think we should be judgmental. Lord, I have enough problems to pass judgment on. someone else.

Some fans have noted that the last time a huge country started publicly supporting Lil Nas X was in 2019, when Billy Ray Cyrus defended the rapper’s song “Old Town Road,” which Billboard took off the charts. Hot Country Songs because it “didn’t embrace enough elements of today’s country music to feature in its current version,” Billboard said in a statement at the time.

Soon after, Cyrus joined Lil Nas X on a remix of the song, which became the longest No.1 single in Hot 100 history, remaining at the top for 19 weeks, according to Billboard.

Fans craved a collaboration between the rapper and Parton.

The Queen of the Country and Lil Nas X, who fans have started to affectionately call “King,” have yet to respond to requests.

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