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Dog siblings feel comfortable in owner’s bed delights viewers

A social media video showing two dog siblings getting cozy in their owner’s bed has sparked laughter across the internet. The viral video, which has been viewed more than 3.5 million times, shows a pit bull and a boxer cuddling in their owner’s bed.

The video creator shared the moment he happened upon the couple relaxing in their bedroom in the TikTok post.

The video is captioned: “Just get comfortable.”

Why do dogs like to sleep in their owner’s bed?

Leigh Siegfried is an experienced dog trainer based in Philadelphia. The award-winning owner of the dog training organization Opportunity Barks has worked with more than 10,000 dogs and their owners while making appearances as a speaker at conferences hosted by the Humane Society of the United States. She offered News week a general analysis of why dogs love to sleep in their owner’s bed.

“Any animal that likes to bond, but also simply has an innate need for comfort through touch and shared warmth, is an animal, probably a dog. It is a very likely candidate for wanting to be near people, to sleep near people or lie down near people.”, Siegfried said News week.

“It’s not so much their liking for their owner’s bed as the animal really enjoying and enjoying people, being petted and handled by people. A lot of it depends on the temperament and needs of each dog , and whether the dog has always been near people. This will determine whether they can choose to sleep in the same bed as their owner or not,” she said.

An image of a dog in bed with its owners. A viral video of two dog siblings relaxing in their owner’s bed has sparked laughter online.
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What do the comments say?

Since being shared on the social media platform on September 7 by @Life_Of_A_Detailer, the TikTok post has been liked by over 707,000 users and commented on over 1,800 times. Tons of TikTokers shared their amusement at the viral moment in the comments section of the post.

“The hippos in the house are adorable. You’re on the couch now,” one user wrote.

A second user wrote: “All the pitbulls I’ve had HAVE to sleep on pillows. It’s strange.”

A third user asked: “How the heck did your dog fall back?” »

“They are so happy and comfortable,” another user shared.

The TikTok post can be seen here.

News week contacted @Life_Of_A_Detailer for comment via Instagram.

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