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Doctors say you should eat these 2 complex carbs in the morning to stabilize your blood sugar and lose weight faster

1. Steel Cut Oats

The health benefits of oatmeal should not be overestimated. It is one of the healthiest breakfast foods. It’s high in fiber, versatile and so tasty. According to Costa, eating cut oats in the morning is also a fantastic way to keep your blood sugar stable and lose weight.

“Steel-cut oats are a great whole-grain option that are slowly digested and thus provide a steady release of glucose into the bloodstream, helping to stabilize blood sugar levels,” she explains. Plus, you can mix in healthy toppings for an added bonus!

“For a nutritious breakfast, consider cooking oatmeal in water or unsweetened plant-based milk and topping it with mixed berries, which provide extra fiber and natural sweetness,” says -She. Yum!

2. Sprouted Grain Toasts

Who doesn’t love a good slice of toast in the morning? Unfortunately, many bread options, like white bread, have serious health consequences when consumed in excess. Sprouted grain bread, however, is an exception. Costa sings the praises of this bread, especially when it comes to blood sugar and weight loss — and luckily, it’s delicious, too.

“Sprouted grain toast topped with avocado provides the perfect balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and fiber, supporting stable blood sugar levels and aiding weight management,” she says.

And just like with oatmeal, there are plenty of ways to make toast to suit your preferences and get more health benefits from it. Avocado toast is especially a great healthy option. “Making this for breakfast is as simple as toasting your sprouted grain bread and spreading a ripe avocado on top, optionally sprinkled with a pinch of pepper and lemon juice for added flavor,” Costa tells us. . Our mouths are watering!

The essential

While there are many tempting, high-sugar breakfast foods out there, it’s important to remember that nourishing your body with nutritious foods, especially early in the morning, is one of the most crucial elements of your health overall. And if your goal is to have a flatter stomach and stable blood sugar, replacing those fancy carb-heavy baked goods with complex carbs like these is always a good idea. Your body will thank you!

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