Do Some Laws Only Increase Fear About HIV Testing?

We have another exclusive clip from the latest episode of +Talk featuring the remarkable Lashanda Salinas.

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Lashanda has a powerful story about being arrested for being HIV positive and being placed on the sex offender list in Tennessee, which highlights the ongoing injustices toward people living with HIV, particularly as a Black woman in the United States. -United.

In the clip below, Lashanda reveals why she thinks her story and stories like hers only make people more afraid of getting tested and finding out their HIV status.

Do you agree with Salinas? Do you think the laws are leading more people to reveal their status to their sexual partners or to hide their status?

The multi-platform brand +Life is inspired by ABC talent Karl Schmid’s own story, who lives in shame and fear of being HIV positive due to ignorance and stigma surrounding the virus. +Life appears on several social media platforms featuring the flagship talk show +Talk and content around love and relationships, entertainment, medicine, nutrition and spirituality. +Life presents a coterie of amazing stories told by an incredible and diverse group of people sharing their first-hand experiences of living with HIV, fighting for access to medication, confronting community stigma, and battling their own internal stigmas.

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We will always promote safe sex, but ESPECIALLY if you do not know your status or that of your partner, we encourage you to use condoms! And if you don’t know, go get tested! We live in a time where HIV is highly treatable.


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