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Disturbing sign for Rep. Matt Gaetz as investigation takes a new turn

Representative Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Would be investigated to see if he obstructed justice during a phone call with a witness as part of an ongoing investigation, reported Politico Wednesday night.

Citing two sources, Politico said Gaetz participated in a call with an ex-girlfriend and the witness. This witness then spoke to prosecutors, who are now investigating whether Gaetz suggested the person was lying or misleading investigators, which would be a crime.

Gaetz has not been charged and has denied all of the allegations.

Gaetz reportedly under investigation as part of a federal sex trafficking investigation into whether he and others paid for sex at drug-fueled parties, including with a girl 17 years old. His former “wingman,” former Florida tax collector Joel Greenberg, agreed to cooperate with investigators in a recent plea deal in which he pleaded guilty to six federal charges, including child sex trafficking.

Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheller, was asked last month whether his client would ditch the merchandise to elected officials.

“It’s a must-see television,” replied Scheller. “You will have to wait and see.”

While speaking, a plane flew over the courthouse with a banner reading “TICK TOCK MATT GAETZ”.

In the past, Gaetz has claimed the investigation was part of an extortion plot against him. He also told Axios that he was “generous as a partner” with the women he was dating and that people “tried to make it look criminal when it wasn’t. “.


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