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Discover the most expensive sales in your department in 2020 – real estate in Brittany

This is the confirmation of all the indicators observed over the last six months: Breton real estate is attracting more and more, prices are feeling it. That of houses has increased by 8% in one year, and more than 10% for that of old apartments, according to data compiled by Breton notaries and released this Friday. These variations concern median prices, ie the price reached for half of the transactions. But more specifically, what were the region’s significant sales in 2020? The basis of land value data (DVF) allows you to consult the transaction prices.

Some houses over 2 million euros

The most expensive house referenced in the available data is not located by the sea, but in Rennes. The metropolis recorded the most impressive transaction, at more than 2.7 million, for a house with seven rooms on a plot of almost 1000 m². The second step of the expensive podium goes to Arradon, used to the most expensive real estate transactions in Brittany. But it is in Ille-et-Vilaine that it is necessary to return to conclude the top three, with a house of Dinard sold for 2.2 million euros.

Almost from single to double in apartments

The price of the apartments is, logically, a little less important. However, we discover that it may have exceeded one million several times in 2020. Often, however, and particularly in city centers, these amounts are linked to apartments associated with commercial premises. Once these transactions are excluded, it is in Dinard that we find the most important registered land value. Three apartments reach one million euros there. The price of the sea view.

The most expensive apartment in Finistère is almost half the price: more than 700,000 euros in Concarneau. One limitation, however: in order to be able to compare the purchase prices, it is necessary to exclude the sales of apartments by lot, which add up, for example, all the selling prices of new apartments then individually resold. Part of the purchases of newly built housing, which is quite significant in Finistère, may therefore not appear.

The coastline and Rennes still unbeatable

Unsurprisingly, once placed on the map, these transactions reach the well-known points of the attractive coastline of the region and of the Rennes metropolis. We note, however, the house purchases made near the Costa Rican coast, which remind us that this area is one of those that have greatly gained in attractiveness under the effect of the health crisis.

Would you like to find out more about the transactions recorded near you? Consult them in our interactive map on real estate prices by clicking here.

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