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Disappeared in Vannes, where did the Gwenn ha of the giant made in Rennes go?  – Rennes

“I’m upset. »Assistant manager at Atelier Le Mée, in Saint-Grégoire (35), near Rennes, Mathilde Né is not getting over it. The Gwenn ha of the giant 22 meters by 15 designed by his company and which was the joy of supporters in stadiums or with the organizers of cultural events disappeared several weeks ago. A heartbreak that pushed her to file a complaint but also to post on social networks a call for witnesses to find the flag. A bit like a bottle in the sea.

Sewn eight years ago

“We created it for the Nuit des Étoiles eight years ago. It is an association which does outdoor shows and which used it in August, says the employee. It was a gift. Two years ago, as we designed them an even bigger one, the biggest in the world, they gave us back the first one. And we lent it to whoever wanted it for an event. “

The last organizer to have taken advantage of it more than three months ago: the Rugby Club of Vannes. “We loaned it to them, they stored it, but the person who was to bring it back to us called us to tell us that they were no longer getting their hands on it. She was the first sorry. We are not mad at them and we do not accuse them, but we would like to find him. “

Solicitations for the Tour de France

And for good reason, the making of this 330 m² flag required more than thirty hours of sewing. “And it cannot go unnoticed because its transport case weighs over 80 kg! », Specifies Mathilde Né. A woman all the more annoyed that, with the Tour de France which will soon pass in Brittany, several mayors and associations have been asking her for a few weeks to reserve the flag which is always made available free of charge. The company was also ready to circulate it throughout the region for the stages of the great loop.

Faced with this mysterious disappearance, Atelier Le Mée is ready to give a small surprise gift to the person who will bring him the precious Gwenn ha du. And specify his phone number in case: 02 99 38 83 02. The search notice is launched!

The flag was designed eight years ago by Atelier Le Mée, in Saint-Grégoire, near Rennes. (Atelier Le Mée)

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