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“Dirty macaroni”, not a racist insult?  Manon Aubry backtracks after his words – RT in French

The MEP LFI had caused a stir on the France Info set by denying that “dirty macaroni” is a racist insult to Italians. After a torrent of reactions on social media, she finally came back on her point.

The MEP for La France insoumise (LFI) Manon Aubry took part on November 27 on France Info in a debate on racism, after the assault by several police officers of Michel Zecler, a black music producer, in Paris. From this discussion, a passage on the anti-Italian insult “dirty macaroni” was particularly controversial, provoking many reactions.

To Manon Aubry, who accused her of having “no idea” of what racism is in France, Florence Portelli, mayor of Taverny, opposed: “My mother who is an immigrant, when she arrived in France – she was Italian – she was called a dirty macaroni […] Dirty macaroni, isn’t that a racist insult? ” To which the LFI MEP responded tit for tat: “No, it’s not a racist insult.”

A remark that caused a stir on the set … but also on social networks. “Obviously it is deplorable and it is reprehensible”, tried to defend the former head of the LFI list to the Europeans, assuring that the phenomenon of racism was above all a question of “magnitude”. “We’ve all been insulted at one time or another. I’m talking about insults that are more systematic, ”continued Manon Aubry to the attention of the former spokesperson for François Fillon.

While the keyword “Macaroni” rose to the top of the trends on Twitter in France on November 28 in the morning (many Internet users expressing their indignation), Manon Aubry returned to her comments in a publication published in the night.

“‘Dirty macaroni’ is a racist insult to which Italian immigrants are victims,” ​​she finally conceded, saying “in solidarity with all those who have suffered or would suffer it”.

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