Dirty cops and a revenge of Los Monos: the plot behind Rosario’s new double crime

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Violence again. Fifteen days after triple crime of drug trafficker Iván Giménez, his partner and his daughter, a 36-year-old policeman and a 23-year-old man were shot to death this Saturday afternoon in Vélez Sarsfield at 5500, in the Ludueña neighborhood, northwest of Rosario. There is an old story behind. Sebastián Ibarra, the dead uniformed man, was passed to availability in the provincial force since July 2019, when they raided his house after the murder of his brother Cristian, also a policeman, who was riddled inside a car with six shots to the head. The perpetrator of the murder would have been Ariel Maximiliano Cantero, “El Chanchón”, half brother of “Guile” Cantero and son of Máximo Ariel, boss and founder of Los Monos.

At the scene of the double crime, the Criminal Investigation Agency seized ten pods servedapparently caliber 9 millimeters that the homicide prosecutor Patricio Saldutti sent for an expert A replica of a 45-caliber pistol was found among the clothes of Iván Nicolas Ferreto – the 23-year-old riddled with bullets. The Ibarra policeman died at the Carrasco and Ferreto hospital in the CentennialBoth from multiple gunshot wounds.

Although the secrecy prevailed among the neighbors when it came to providing information to the prosecutor and the police investigators, It turned out that the double homicide occurred a few meters from a drug sales point which is located at 5200 Gandhi Street, near the place. It seeks to establish whether the two fatal victims of the fierce shooting were related to that bunker, sources in the case confirm to Infobae.

The mafia mechanics were clear to the prosecutor and the agents who relieved the scene: at least two people passed by in a vehicle and opened fire on Ibarra and Ferreto, who were together. Witness versions suggested that the attackers were traveling in a white Ford Eco Sport and others on a motorcycle.

Ibarra drove an Audi A3. Among police investigators, it was noted that Sebastián Ibarra’s family immediately demanded the return of the car from the prosecutor, who had not been on duty for two years. The vehicle has several bullet wounds, subject to expert reports at the 12th Police Station. In fact, there was little expectation in the Prosecutor’s Office that this family nucleus would provide information to clarify the double crime.

At least two people passed by in a vehicle and opened fire on Ibarra and Ferreto
At least two people passed by in a vehicle and opened fire on Ibarra and Ferreto

Ibarra it was not well seen within the Santa Fe Policeas well as his brothers, assure those who know the inmates of the Santa Fe force. Cristian Ezequiel Ibarra was murdered at the hands of Los Monos on July 22, 2019 in Larralde and Dean Funes, in the west area. As explained at the time by the prosecutor Michael Morenotwo people the agent knew got into his car and shot him six times in the skull.

From the investigation it emerged that Cristian ran the sale of drugs in the Godoy neighborhood, in the western area of ​​Rosarioand for his bunker located in Monte Flores at 7200 he paid a weekly “protection” to Los Monos. According to messages from the phone of the policeman riddled in 2019, it was detected that he moved the place within the western area and associated with a woman who was not approved by Los Monos for marketing in that territory.

For the murder of Cristian Ibarra he was sentenced Ariel Maximiliano “Chanchón” Cantero, Westside regent for the band: they gave him 14 years. The other accused of the brutal crime is the Dominican Otniel De León Almonte, hit man for the southern zone drug gang.

The Dominican hitman fell for violating the restrictions of the 2020 pandemic. Today faces a 22-year prison sentence for executing Cristian Ibarra in 2019 and for being the one who shot at the City Center casino in January 2020whose shots hit a bank manager who was smoking a cigarette inside the property in the southern area.

 The Ibarra policeman died at the Carrasco and Ferreto hospital in the Centennial
The Ibarra policeman died at the Carrasco and Ferreto hospital in the Centennial

On July 23, 2019, the day after Cristian’s murder, the Special Operations Troop (TOE) raided the home where relatives and In this procedure, his brother Sebastián – today murdered – escaped through the roofs until he was apprehended. Researchers argued that this attitude was due to He believed that he was a Colombian hitman from a neighborhood gang who had broken into the home shouting “stop, police!”

The sister de Cristian y Sebastián is also a police officer and has also been available since the day of the TOE raid. According to police sources, The woman was in a relationship and had a child with the provincial agent Eduardo Anacleto Enríquez, who was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months in prison as a member of Los Monos. That sentence took place in the famous cause 913/12 where the Provincial Justice established for the first time civilians and members of the security forces in the dock of those accused of homicides –some in revenge for the crime of Claudio “Pájaro” Cantero, their leader; shootings; extortions and usurpations.

The brothers were not the only ones. The father of the three police officers – a retired officer – was murdered aboard his remise in an alleged attempted robbery followed by homicide. In that attack, Mario Ibarra – who had also acted as private guard for businesses in the Ludueña neighborhood – stopped with his Peugeot 405 in Junín between Matienzo and Felipe Moré because the train was passing. There, he was fatally shot twice. Later, in the survey of the scene it was detected that They had stolen a 9mm caliber pistol from him. that was between her legs.


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