Director of the Dian, Luis Carlos Reyes, must provide explanations to the Attorney General’s Office for the million-dollar scrap metal contract

Director of the DIAN, Luis Carlos Reyes, must provide explanations about a scrap metal contract of the entity – Ministry of Finance credit.

The Attorney General’s Office requested the director of the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian), Luis Carlos Reyesto explain the procedure through which he awarded a million-dollar contract whose objective is scrap the entity’s vehicles that have reached their useful life.

The control body asks the official to send a detailed report containing the analysis of possible violations of the principles of objective hiring, transparency and economy “by allowing the resurgence of exhausted stages in the selection process, when they are preclusive and peremptory,” says the document from the Attorney General’s Office.

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Additionally, it asks you to provide information on the current selection process and publication of the final evaluation report of the bidders, as well as the minutes of public auction hearing sessions and the initial economic offers of qualified bidders, in guarantee of due administrative process.

Thirdly, you must send a copy of the recruitment manual in force on the date of publication of the reference selection process. “The request for these documents is made within the framework of a alert for irregularities in the bidding process and hiring that was advanced a few weeks ago,” explained the Attorney General’s Office.

According to the agency, there could be possible irregularities in the specifications of the tender, which is “the document that clearly and completely contains the rules applicable to the selection process, with details of stages, deadlines and actions; the requirements to participate; the capacity requirements required to obtain authorization, among other aspects,” says the document from the Public Ministry.

Apparently, only the Temporary Union Rym SAS would meet the conditions to retain the contract for 720,000 million pesos. The owner of this firm would be one of those involved in the so-called scrap metal posteraccording to a complaint made by the Colombian Oversight Networkwho had already warned about this whole situation since August.

“The participation as bidder of UNION TEMPORAL RYM SAS, owned by Rafael Naranjowhich leads the market of disintegrating companies authorized and certified by the Ministries of Transportation and Environment, for the scrapping of cargo vehicles, despite being illegally authorized, however it’s not legal person and therefore lacks the certificate of existence and legal representation,” said the Veedurías Network in a statement posted on social networks.

Without a legal entity representing the Temporary Union, the bidding process would have been flawed. For now, Dian will form a working group to review possible irregularities in the contract.

In addition to everything, the entity would have returned to one of the processes to receive more proposals from bidders, according to what the Attorney General’s Office investigated. “Warn that The defect is not minor or a mere procedural defect, since reverting the actions to continue carrying out bids impacts the very essence of the public auction procedure,” was indicated in the letter from the control body.

The process is advancing for thousands of Colombians to file their income declaration corresponding to the 2022 taxable year. For this reason, the National Tax and Customs Directorate (Dian) launched a new form through your website so that taxpayers can do this process faster and easier.

To complete the form, the first step that must be carried out is to enter the website, then the user must enter the platform with the registered data (username and password); If it is the first time you are doing it, you must register on this portal to be able to continue with the process. After entering, go to the option “submit income tax returnin which the taxpayer can check the suggested statement issued by Dian. If you agree to this settlement, you just have to sign and make the payment.

For José Fernando Sierra, who is a member of the Dian citizen service subdirectorate, if the person has any qualms or disagrees with the suggested statement that is issued on the page, they must carry out the settlement of their income tax return manually and record the information according to their economic reality.

For this reason, the taxpayer will have the possibility to choose between two options, the first is ‘expert user‘, in which the form must be filled out step by step. Meanwhile, if the declarant takes the option ‘non-expert user‘, you can find a document on the page that was designed for those who are going to declare income for the first time.

“In that order, non-experts will have a guide and must fill out the required information. The taxpayer will be able to review the registered information in detail and in case there is any error You have the option to correct and the platform will give you the amount to pay,” explained José Fernando Sierra.

Likewise, the National Tax and Customs Directorate highlighted that with the new tool, it seeks avoid that many taxpayers have errors when filling out the form. In accordance with this measure, Dian highlighted that if people enter false data, they would be subject to a fine for a cost of 100 tax value units (UVT).

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