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Diddy NFT Listing Claims to Have Private Footage, Going to Highest Bidder



NFT listing features images of the rapper

To the best offer !!!

DiddyBTS’ alleged off-hours exploits are about to be exposed — that is, if a new listing promoting supposed BTS videos of him, and more, is to be believed. importantly…bought.

Here’s the deal… TMZ has been made aware of a listing on a cryptocurrency exchange site created by someone who claims to be in possession of numerous images of Diddy over the years… many of which, claims -they, puts him in compromising situations.

Specifically, the listing purports to contain “new and previously unpublished private footage and photos of Diddy at his residence, private jet, studios, and various other locations engaged in private activities…and often doing and saying what appears to be very controversial things. »

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The listing claims to contain video of Diddy participating in what it describes as various questionable activities – but does not suggest anything he is currently up to. under the microscope for.

Regardless, the listing indicates that any interested party can gain access to this massive dump it claims to own – which it claims involves over 13,000 files and 3 terabytes of content – for a price… namely approximately 1.5 million dollars. …that’s why they hope to sell it.

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Indeed… all of this so-called Diddy content is being sold as an NFT – and the listing says you can get rid of it, and access the files, for 425 wETH (Wrapped Etherium), which comes to $1,494,032.25. . This is… or the best offer they can present.

FWIW, there is no evidence that supports the idea that this is legit – even though the listing claims it 100% is – and so far there are no offers for what ‘they sell. This just goes to show that everyone is getting into Diddy’s feeding frenzy, even in the land of cryptocurrencies.


Of course, the backdrop to all this is the fact that Diddy was attacked on both coasts this week by the federal government — this as he became the target of a federal investigation examining various allegations. He has denied any wrongdoing and has also not been charged with a crime.

We reached out to Diddy’s team…so far, no response.

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News Source : amp.tmz.com

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