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Did the Ravens’ Marlon Humphrey record an interception against the Raiders without knowing it?  it looks like it

The Ravens may have forced a turnover at the end of the first quarter in their “Monday Night Football” game against the Raiders. No one seemed to realize it.

Baltimore’s top cornerback, Marlon Humphrey, covered Darren Waller with 25 seconds left in the quarter. Humphrey did a good job keeping Waller away from the ball and hitting him just as he was going into his hands. It was a nice break in the pass and the incompletion set up a fourth try.

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However, it looked like the ball never touched the ground after Humphrey knocked it over. Instead, he stayed on top of Waller and Humphrey picked him up, which would have made him an interception.

Here’s a look at the game from both angles. It’s not shown in its entirety from the side – the best angle to see if the ball has hit the ground – but it certainly looks like it hasn’t.

Maybe the ball hit the ground and these angles just don’t show it. Nonetheless, it was a strange situation and ESPN’s broadcast booth did not address the issue at all when it occurred.

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The Ravens still have the ball in the next game; AJ Cole sent him back to Baltimore. However, the Ravens started their next practice on their own 20-yard line instead of Raiders’ territory, where they would have started training if Humphrey’s interception had counted.

Of course, it’s also worth noting that Humphrey dropped the ball shortly after rising from Waller’s tackle. Could the officials have decided he hadn’t held the ball long enough to make an interception? Maybe, but it’s impossible to know.

The Ravens decided not to challenge the game and ended up getting three wins in their next series. They only gained three yards before returning to the Raiders.

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All in all, this game didn’t have a huge impact on the game, but it took away a scoring opportunity for the Ravens. Perhaps that was enough to reverse the outcome and avoid overtime.

That said, Baltimore had plenty of chances to win this game, so this potential missed opportunity isn’t the reason they lost. It’s just strange that the Ravens and Humphrey didn’t want to take an extra look at the room in question.

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