Diablo 4 celebrates its first anniversary by giving you “a goblin’s heap” of free gifts

“Come one, come all” – Diablo 4 is about to celebrate its first anniversary, and Blizzard has “a bunch of goblin rewards” to mark the occasion.

As a thank you “for being part of the Diablo community for another year of fighting against the demonic forces of Hell,” Goblin March will begin next week on Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal, which also marks its second anniversary . .

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First, you can claim a free cosmetic gift from the Diablo 4 store starting June 6, and you’ll have “until June 20 to claim all of these gifts.” At the same time, you’ll see an increase in treasure goblin activity throughout the shrine, “with Horadric scholars predicting that the contents of their greed-filled sacks would be richer than ever.”

“Locals predict that Shrines of Greed will appear with increasing frequency, boosting the riches of these wily goblins. Even stranger, while in dungeons, goblins are said to appear in pairs…with some stories insisting that “that there would be an even larger group of them,” the team teases in a lengthy blog post.

But that’s not all. During the “Mother’s Blessing Anniversary Edition,” you can also earn a 25 percent XP bonus and a 50 percent gold multiplicative boost for a full 10 days.

“Lilith blesses all her children, as this bonus applies to both seasonal and eternal realms, as well as all world levels,” the message explains. “This bonus also stacks, so pair it with Elixirs and the Urn of Aggression to maximize your experience gains while slaying monsters. Use this limited-time bonus to climb the ranks of the Battle Pass, climb the higher levels and world levels with blazing speed, complete your seasonal journey and upgrade multiple characters to their maximum potential.

As for Diablo Immortal? From June 6 until the end of the month, you can loot treasures in the Looting Trial and face the greed of Diablo 4 in the Gold-Cursed Goliath boss fight. And goblins also parade in Immortal, offering weekly birthday-themed tasks to increase your gold and progress.

“The Golden Accursed will not be easily felled in his rampage,” Blizzard explains. “By participating in the Trial of Plunder, you have a chance to win a gold-cursed portal, which can be used to summon a portal that immediately teleports you to Avarice. There is also a chance to encounter a cursed portal by random gold in the wild, teleporting you directly to kill this greedy monster.

Players will also be able to claim a “mysterious Grade 2, five-star Stormvault Legendary Gem” news group.

For the full recap, head over to the official website.

While the franchise has long been associated with its dedicated PC fan base, an email sent from Xbox president Sarah Bond in April indicated that Diablo 4 – which was acquired by Microsoft as part of its Acquisition of Activision Blizzard for $68.7 million, of course – is more popular. on the Xbox console, although the RPG is also available on the PC and PlayStation consoles.

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