Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia: Live round-by-round updates

MMA Fighting presents Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia live, round-by-round for one of the most anticipated boxing fights of the year, Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

The main event is scheduled to begin around 11:45 p.m. ET on DAZN and pay-per-view. Check out our Haney vs. Garcia results page to find out what happened on the undercard.

Haney (31-0, 15 KO) is competing for the first time this year after earning unanimous decision victories over Regis Prograis and Vasiliy Lomachenko in 2023.

Garcia (24-1, 20 KO) suffered the first loss of his career against Gervonta Davis in April 2023 (via seventh-round TKO), but rebounded to defeat Oscar Duarte via eighth-round TKO last December.

We’re moments away from Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia finally getting in the ring.

Garcia with an incredibly dramatic entrance that befits his bizarre behavior in the build-up to fight night. His entry begins with an excerpt from Jesus walks by Kanye West. Again, this is fitting for anyone who has been following his recent antics. The music plays El Rey by Vicente Fernández. He removes an incredibly expensive crown before jumping through the ropes.

Now it’s time for Devin Haney’s entrance. He carries the WBC super lightweight title, which is not on the line after Garcia missed weight by three pounds. He is out for Red drum by 21 Savage. And after all this talk, this fight actually happens.

Take it away, Joe Martinez!

Check out the Haney vs. Garcia live blog below:

Round 1: The taller Garcia immediately takes the center. Haney works to keep the ring from being cut. Garcia throws big punches as Haney circles around. A left hand hurts Haney! Haney is quick to pick up. Let’s see if he recovered. More power punches from Garcia. Haney in survival mode early on. Another clinch and the pace finally slowed. Haney resets and looks for his jab. Body shot by Haney. He bounced back well in the second half of the round, but what a start from Garcia.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Garcia.

2nd round: Haney is the first to strike this time. He’s determined not to let Garcia set the tone this time. Quick punches up top by Haney. His move is on the money. Glancing at Haney’s right hand. Garcia doesn’t throw much, just waiting for the right moment to unleash with a powerful shot. Right hand from Haney, then another. Garcia leveled Haney on several occasions, but other than that he didn’t show much this round.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 19-19.

Round 3: The forehand by Haney scores. Garcia chases with that left hand, but Haney is going at it now. There is a Haney left that supports Garcia. They struggle and Garcia complains about a low blow on the break. Super-fast shot from Haney. Garcia is gone now. Left hand from Haney causes Garcia to stumble and Garcia looks MAD. Haney in charge.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 29-28 Haney.

Round 4: Haney’s feints put Garcia completely out of shape. Haney with a body shot. This move from Haney causes Garcia all kinds of problems. Left hand cracks Garcia. There’s a solid right from Garcia. Lots of melee between these big moments. Haney hits the body. Garcia goes round and round and round and round. Another body shot from Haney.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 39-37 Haney.

Round 5: Haney avoids all of Garcia’s heavy combos. Crispy body photographed by Haney. He just punches down the middle until Garcia comes to him. Garcia goes straight into a counter right. Haney owns the center of the ring. He has a cocked right hand and Garcia is completely frozen. Crowd humor. Haney goes for a haymaker, right, but Garcia just ties him up. Left hook for Haney.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 49-46 Haney.

Round 6: Garcia shows signs of life. He lands a good shot in the middle of a wild flurry, but it definitely woke up the crowd. Haney back on the prowl. Right hand for Haney. Jab from Haney as he pins Garcia. He starts to push and the referee warns him about a shot to Garcia’s back. Haney maintains that Garcia turns his back on him. Further inactivity causes the crowd to boo again. Garcia jumps off the ropes but can’t connect with much.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 59-55 Haney.

Round 7: Garcia threw this left with no setup. And we land! Garcia follows with a right and it’s a reversal! Wow! Haney standing, but he may still be on his skates. Garcia puts pressure on and Haney has to tie him up. The referee takes a point from Garcia for hitting at the break. Wild sequence. Garcia lands again and Haney looks hurt, he drops to his knees but the ref says it’s not a knockdown. He trips and Garcia pushes him again. What. East. Event. Haney is literally hanging on for dear life with about a minute left. Garcia’s hands are down and he’s just daring Haney to open up. One way or another we go to the eighth. Breathe, everyone.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 9-8 Garcia. Overall, 67-64 Haney.

Round 8: Garcia immediately returns to the attack. Haney doesn’t avoid these shots cleanly. Whatever Garcia does, it works. Clubbing right hands from Garcia. Haney punches the body as Garcia continues to turn away from him almost completely. Another body shot from Haney lands. He’s back to chase Garcia to the corner. Straight to the body by Haney. Good right hands from Haney. Rebound round for the champion.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 77-73 Haney.

Round 9: No opening wave from Garcia this round. It’s Haney who immediately closes the distance. A Haney scares Garcia away. Left hand from Haney on the button. Garcia hardly throws anything. Haney with a right hand. A pair of left hooks connect for Haney. Garcia finally lets his hands go with an uppercut and that caught Haney’s attention. Garcia throws heavy. Too little, too late?

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Haney. Overall, 87-82 Haney.

Round 10: Haney beats Garcia to the punches again, but almost pays the price as Garcia fights back with power punches. Garcia doesn’t let go and he rocks Haney again. There’s another reversal! What a truly bizarre fight. Back on the feet, we get more grabbing and holding from Haney. The referee warns both against excessive restraint. Lots of gamesmanship in this one. A hammer left hook from Garcia freezes Haney, but he manages to stay on his feet. Monster round for Garcia, who lands two more right hands. Body shots by Haney. No idea how the final rounds will play out.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-8 Garcia. Overall, 95-92 Haney.

Round 11: Garcia takes Haney down, he’s hungry to finish. Haney backs him up and takes control of the ring again. Garcia scores with a right as he advances. He follows with a left hook and Haney ties him up. Right hand from Garcia. Another clean right for Garcia. Left hand puts Haney on the butt! He responds to the count. There’s less than a minute left in this round. Haney gets caught up in a sloppy exchange. Anything can happen now.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-8 Garcia. Overall, 103-102 Haney.

Round 12: Haney is adventurous with his striking, but this could cause him problems. Eventually he returns to his jab. There are two minutes left. Garcia narrowly misses with that left hook. Right hand for Garcia. Haney strikes. A move from Garcia! I didn’t see much of that in this fight. Garcia demonstrates in there, shaking his shoulders, daring Haney to attack. Haney strikes. Garcia sticks out his tongue like a lizard. I don’t know.

MMA Fighting scores the round, 10-9 Garcia. Overall, 112-112.

Official result: Ryan Garcia def. Devin Haney by majority decision (112-112, 114-110, 115-109)

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