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Detroit Police face trial for alleged wrongful arrest

DETROIT (WXYZ) – The Detroit Police Department has been slapped with another lawsuit.

CAIR Michigan has taken legal action against two DPD agents for making an arrest without probable cause and carrying charged Islamophobic sentiments.

The body camera footage has been shared exclusively with Channel 7. CAIR says the footage shows the problematic arrest, including the following exchange:

DPD Officer Donald Owens “Muslims lie a lot. “
Unidentified female DPO officer: “Mmmm hmmm …”
DPD Officer Donald Owens: “They control them … like they feel like … you … you … you don’t have a say if you’re female … “
Unidentified DPD agent: “… especially women. “
DPD Officer Donald Owens: “… you have no say … as you do what we tell you to do.” “

Last year, on September 26, Constables Owens and Nathanial Mullen responded to a domestic disturbance call in northwest Detroit. Upon arrival, three men said they were attacked by their guest. At the same time, the woman says she was assaulted.

CAIR Michigan lawyer Amy Doukoure said without a proper investigation the three were arrested without probable cause and on the basis of Constable Owens’ Muslim prejudices, in a clear violation of rights.

“The arrest order came after the statement that he really didn’t know what was going on, that he was going to have everyone arrested and let someone else fix the problem downtown,” explains Doukoure.

Meanwhile, CAIR Michigan executive director Dawud Walid says this is a deeply rooted problem within the force and a solution must be found.

“You have black cops who are prejudiced against other blacks because of their religious characteristics and that is very problematic,” Walid explains.

DPD responded with the following statement:

The media notification of the prosecution itself is the first notice of the alleged misconduct. This has sparked an investigation, which will be carefully examined by Internal Affairs. Chief White assures the community that there will be a full investigation.