Detroit Lions trade up, draft defensive lineman Mekhi Wingo

“I’ve seen the style of football that the Detroit Lions like to play and I’m happy to be a part of the club now,” Wingo said via Zoom after the draft.

He was also a team captain for LSU, which speaks volumes about his mental makeup and leadership qualities. He readjusted to return for LSU’s bowl game, something few prospects head into the NFL do.

Wingo was given the No. 18 jersey at LSU, which is worn by the player who best represents the traits and spirit that “define LSU greatness.”

“That’s the kind of guy I am,” he said of his rehabilitation to return to bowl for LSU. “Being that number 18 and that leader, I got injured earlier in the year and I didn’t feel like I had my full ’18’ season.

“Of course I could have packed my bags, but it really affected me, seeing my team lose a few games with me on the bench, so once I had my surgery I was in “I’m rehabbing and focused on really getting back on the field to be with my guys one last time.”

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