Destiny 2’s ‘Final Shape’ Pre-Load Requires 300 GB On PC

If you’re preparing your PC for the launch of Destiny 2’s The Final Shape, you’ll need more than just making sure your graphics drivers are up to date. To install the DLC, you will need 300 GB of free space on your computer, which is especially difficult for many for SSDs.

We actually know the file sizes for preloading for all platforms, which is still heavy everywhere, but Steam is the highest (via GamePost):

  • PS4: 129.31 GB
  • PS5: 143.81 GB
  • Xbox One: 139.52 GB
  • Xbox Series S/X: 165.82 GB
  • Steam: 299.70 GB
  • EGS: 279.66 GB
  • Microsoft Store: 156.22 GB

So there is a catch here. It’s not enough as bad as it sounds. The game size doesn’t increase to 300GB on Steam, it’s just the right amount to preload. The reason is that for preloading on Steam, you’re essentially storing two versions of the game at once, more than doubling the size in total. The total file size for the current The Final Shape + Destiny 2 would be 155.5 GB, so half of the total will be freed after the game actually launches. Alternatively, when the Final Shape patch is available, you can uninstall the game and reinstall it so it doesn’t need to contain two versions (at least I think it works).

Still, 155GB isn’t nothing, and free up that many GB for preloading if you want to do that. I’ve literally uninstalled almost every game on my PC except for Destiny 2, Diablo 4, and Fortnite (which I have to track for live news events in that game). That means goodbye to Helldivers 2, Suicide Squad, Starfield, Cyberpunk, and others that have been at least somewhat dormant for a while now. But again, once launched, you will be able to fill half of that space again.

Destiny 2’s growing size was one of Bungie’s stated reasons for the content vault concept, which removed old story content and destinations. Even though some things have been put back in place, we’re still missing entire planets and campaigns, as well as all but the last three seasons, what if all of that was still there? This 300 GB could well be the total size. So you can see what a problem this is.

As for The Final Shape, it significantly increases the size of the game, meaning the scope of the DLC, which is not entirely known, could be greater than expected. Or maybe it comes from a bunch of cutscenes, we’ll see. But yes, start emptying the room, you need it.

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