Destiny 2 Servers Slammed Due To The Final Shape’s Launch

A screenshot from Destiny 2: The Final Shape, showing two of its central characters, Crow and Ikorra.

Picture: Bungie/Sony

Destiny 2 servers are not available. Dismiss this message to try again.

As expected, Destiny 2The servers are slammed, and very few people have managed to get into the game to enjoy it. climatic conclusion. Something tells me those of us who can’t get in are going to be waiting a while.

This is of course quite predictable. On Steam, Destiny 2 currently has over 250,000 players trying to log in, which is pretty close to its all-time high of 316,750 concurrent players. The number keeps increasing every time I refresh the page, and I have a feeling it will continue to climb. Keep in mind that these numbers only reflect PC gamers on Steam, so there are even more people (like me) trying to get onto consoles and other launchers like the Epic Games Store.

For the record, players are gradually managing to get in (including a number of friends and colleagues of whom I’m not at all jealous), so all hope is not lost! Fate has had rough launches in the past, but its last few have been surprisingly smooth experiences, and Bungie even announced that it was strengthen its efforts For The final form. However, there is no excessive demand, and The final form is definitely creating this.

This is great news for Bungie. Last year was a tough one for Bungie, which fell far short of its sales expectations last year after Fall of lightthe disappointing welcome and I suffered layoffs that break morale As is delayed both The final form and his next cover of Marathon. The final form initially fell short of pre-order expectations for a long time, which began to create a bleak picture of things to come. If The final form also failed, the studio risked losing his independence and cede control to its owners at Sony. According to a post on the Fate subreddit However, the last few months have radically changed the situation, and at one point, The final form has exceeded one million pre-orders. I can definitely say that! Now, Bungie, for the love of God, let me in!

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