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Despite Gov. Ron DeSantis’ objections, Florida school districts impose mask warrants

Florida teachers protest anti-mask warrants. Octavio Jones / Getty Images

Several Florida school districts are pushing back Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) and his executive order banning schools from imposing mandatory masks on students.

On Tuesday evening, the Alachua County School Board voted in favor of requiring all students to wear masks for the first two weeks of school. In the past few days, two district janitors have died from COVID-19, and board member Robert Hyatt said Politics he doesn’t think “we need to get into some sort of game with the governor. For me, that’s not being provocative. It’s being reactive.” There are also 15 active cases of COVID-19 among district employees, and Superintendent Carlee Simon said they “are facing a situation where we are literally losing our workforce.”

Leon County – home to Tallahassee – said on Wednesday it wanted to adopt a mandatory mask rule for preschool to eighth grade children, and the Broward County School District announced it would retain its mandate. mask, changing course from an earlier statement that he would comply with the DeSantis order.

Florida continues to see a sharp increase in new coronavirus cases, with 16,935 reported in the state on Tuesday. There is a record 12,000 people hospitalized with the virus in Florida, The Miami Herald reports, most of the infected patients being younger and unvaccinated. With the Delta variant fueling the outbreak, Florida accounted for 16% of new cases in the United States on Tuesday, with the state’s seven-day average of new cases rising 700% on August 3 from July 3.

Yet DeSantis is resisting a mask mandate, and the schools that hold them in place risk losing state funding. Leon County Superintendent Rocky Hanna said on Wednesday it might seem “controversial”, but “I absolutely believe” that having mask requirements for students “is the right thing to do temporarily until so that we have a better understanding of the Delta variant and its impact. on school-aged children. “

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